We offer Fiberglass that can be painted or stained. We also offer wood, steel, and vinyl. All of our Exterior Doors and Interior Doors can be custom ordered. Such as jambs and thresholds to best serve your home and your needs.

Doors info

Here at Efficient Home Pro offer free estimates and measurements. You let us know what door you’re looking for and we can custom make that door for you. We also have standard doors! Any Exterior Door and Interior Door we can order and install for you. Efficient Home Pro will measure and install your job. We also provide custom work such as cut-outs (making an opening for a door) or enlarging openings for a door.


Here are the following materials you have to choose from to have your door made out of.

  • Exterior Doors – Single Swing and French Doors
  • Fiberglass – Best for painting and staining also great against the heat.
  • Vinyl – Great against heat and maintenance free, you never need to paint or stain
  • Solid Wood – Beautiful natural look that can be stained or painted, not good against the sun
  • Steel insulated – Great against the heat and is okay to paint, but easy to dent
  • Interior Doors – Single Swing and French Doors
  • Hollow core – Paintable and lightweight
  • Solid core – Paintable, stainable, option of having glass, and reduces sound transfer
  • Barn style – Paintable, stainable, and option of having glass

We also have high quality Security doors with metal screens that provide ultimate protection. We have you covered when you want to enjoy those beautiful temperature months and leave your door or doors open but are secure and bug free.